Our Specials








  • Noon until 10pm
  • $2.00 Bowling Games
  • $2.00 Shoe Rental
  • $2.00 Small Soda
  • $2.00 Small Popcorn

    Black Light Bowling

    Saturday and Sunday afternoons   2:30pm-4:30pm  (closed on Sundays until September)

     Friday Night: 6:00pm-11pm       Saturday Night  8pm-11pm

    Blacklight Bowling


    Kids Bowl 2 games free everyday noon to 9pm, 

    Regular Shoe Rental Rates Apply.

    Just sign up at 


    and enjoy a fun summer with your kids!

    This ends August 31st. You still have time!



    Country Music Night

    • Wednesday  Nights 5pm-10pm
    • $1.50 Games
    • $2.00 Shoe Rental
    • $1.00 12oz Sodas
    • $1.00 Hot Dogs